Are Migraine Headaches Dangerous?

Most people who suffer from true migraine headaches believe that they have a problem in their brain, and that’s why their head hurts.  This is the concept that mainstream medicine promotes, so, when the headache is controlled through medication, we’re all happy and view the problem as solved.

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5 Simple Migraine Headache Cures

“Cures” seems like a foreign word in medicine today, with the exception of cancer, where “cure” is the buzzword.  Do we ever talk about a diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or obesity cure in medicine?  So certainly a headache cure is not on the radar screen.  The best we usually hope for is control.

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Natural Headache Cures vs Medications for Migraines

 Headache sufferers can live their lives in frequent misery.  While there are many natural cures for headaches that can help in the long run, tools for immediate relief of headaches are a strong need.

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