Are Your Migraines And Seizure Causing Brain Damage?

We’ve known the answer to this question for some time now.  This study looks more in depth at the damage that seizures and migraines (YES–migraines ARE seizures) cause to the brain.  The ictal periods (the time during an “event”) produce high levels of oxidative damage to the proteins, fats and DNA and this damage may leave a patient prone to further events.

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Migraine Occurs In Patient With Right-To-Left Shunt

Right-to-left shunt and migraine: the strength of the relationship

This one has been a hot topic with the cardiologists lately. A whole new set of patients to perform procedures on. However, I do not feel that we have all the questions answered yet. Here is the scenario…it was found that a large number of patients in whom the opening between the right and left ventricles in the heart had never closed (in the fetus, the lungs aren’t used so the blood bypasses the lungs via this hole) had migraine headaches. In some cases, these headaches resolved when the hole was surgically closed. So here’s some additional thoughts/concerns.

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Migraine Causes Dysfunctions In The Entire Body

Prevalence of unexplained upper abdominal symptoms in patients with migraine

Looking at recent literature on migraines, it becomes evident that we are approaching treatment from the completely wrong angle. Migraines are slowly being recognized as manifestions of dysfunction in the entire body. Oxidative stress. Toxin overload. Mitochondrial dysfunction. The medications used to treat migraines in no way address these factors. The best approach to migraines involves lifestyle changes to impact the systemic problem. If uncorrected, migraine patients have a higher risk of stroke and neurodegenerative disorders.

This article supports the systemic links w/ migraine, suggesting that migraineurs have higher likelihood of having digestive complaints.

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To Get Rid Of Migraine Use This Therapy

Use of a Pine Bark Extract and Antioxidant Vitamin Combination Product as Therapy for Migraine in Patients Refractory to Pharmacologic Medication

BK3BA3RZ993P A concert with the previous article, this one again suggests that there is an underlying mechanisms to migraines that is NOT being address by physicians treated patients for migraine headaches.

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