Treatment Of Chronic Migraine

Efficacy and Safety of Topiramate for the Treatment of Chronic Migraine

Talk about a difference in perception!!! The authors conclude that “Topiramate is safe and generally well tolerated in this group of subjects with chronic migraine, a burdensome condition with important unmet treatment needs. Safety and tolerability of topiramate were consistent with experience in previous clinical trials involving the drug.”

Look at the data and tell me is “generally” means 10% of the study population stopped due to side effects. And all of this for a whopping 1.5/91 days decrease in headache over placebo. So, we’re going to spend, what, say $600 for 3 months Topamax to have 1.5 days less HA? But let’s cut chiro Rx to save money.

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Chronic Migraine Treatment: Have You Tried These 7 Steps?

Migraine headache sufferers are told we don’t know what causes migraines, so all we can do is control them. Thus, chronic migraine treatment today = medication.

I would contend that this is just not true.

But to understand the basics of migraine headaches, you first need to understand my favorite part of the cell, the mitochondria…

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Hypothalamic involvement in chronic migraine

This is a very interesting article that relates hormonal dysregulation between the hypothalamus and adrenal glands as a causative factor in chronic migraines.

The article suggests that delayed melatonin release and hypercortisolemia may be factors causing the HA. It always bothers me when I have patients that come in with HA that have been put on pain meds or antidepressents. Headaches are a sign of unbalanced physiology, and these meds in no way address this. I remember one of my “longest enduring headaches” patient. She had HA for forty plus years. We addressed dysfunction in her neck, balanced insulin and cortisol levels, and fixed her constipation and she became HA free. She was happy her HAs were gone, I was happy we restored normal physiology and lowered her risk for any number of chronic diseases.

JNNP — Abstracts: Peres et al. 71 (6): 747.

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Natural Remedies for Migraines: Avoid Most Common Food Allergies

 natural remedies for migraines most common food allergies

Some of the meds used for chronic migraine relief can have a long list of side effects. Because of this, patients look for natural remedies for migraines.

One of the more popular migraine support group type websites promotes the idea that migraines are genetically based and there is really nothing that can be done to “cure” migraines.  The best we can do is hope to manage them successfully with medications and, to a lessor extent, dietary choices.

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Chronic Migraine Relief Begins…HERE?

migrane headaches and gluten linked
Migrane headaches and gluten linked

You suffer from headaches and have been searching for some type of chronic migraine relief; so your PCP should send you to a neurologist, right?

It sounds like a great place to start.  After all, your headache is in your head and deals with your nervous system, right?  If you’ve been reading the Rantings for any time now, you understand how flawed this method of thinking is.  Migraines may be felt in the head, but they are really a problem with your entire body.  Something is wrong, and your body is screaming at you to fix it in the loudest way possible.

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Chronic Migraine Headaches as a Progressive Brain Disorder?

chronic migraines as a progressive brain disorder
Chronic migraines as a progressive brain disorder

Sounds like a scary title, huh? Good, because if you suffer from migraines, you NEED to understand how serious this truly is.

And it is not about controlling the headache.  Although this may be the immediate need, this limited approach does nothing for protecting your brain.  And make no mistake–migraine sufferers have a greatly increased risk for things like heart disease, stroke and dementia.  Masking the headache with medication does not change your increased risk–it’s still going to happen unless you do something about it.

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Migraines "Under Control" with Meds? Better Think Twice

chronic migraines and Parkinsons
Chronic migraines linked to Parkinson’s disease

Last Update December 18, 2014

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but merely managing your chronic migraine headaches with meds is not the answer.

I am not saying that it’s not the short-term goal.  If you’ve ever spent time on some of the social networking sites  that relate to migraine headaches, you’ll realize just how devastating and life-shattering migraine headaches can be.  Jobs, relationships and lives in general can be restricted to living like a hermit in constant pain.

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