Children, Gluten, Sleep Apnea and Headaches, Oh My!

gluten sensitivity in children
duckman76 /Dollar Photo Club

Here’s the reality of human physiology; we will NEVER understand how complicated it is.   Gluten sensitivity’s effect on the brain falls under this category.

There’s no doubt that many of us has a grasp on small amounts of how the body works, but the big picture is just too big for any one of us to understand fully.  It’s kind of like–I can drive around here in Phoenix quite well and know where I’m at or at least how to get to where I need to go.  But drop my in Dubai without a map or GPS and I’m pretty much screwed (especially since my Arabic is a little rusty…).

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Chronic Migraine Relief Begins…HERE?

migrane headaches and gluten linked
Migrane headaches and gluten linked

You suffer from headaches and have been searching for some type of chronic migraine relief; so your PCP should send you to a neurologist, right?

It sounds like a great place to start.  After all, your headache is in your head and deals with your nervous system, right?  If you’ve been reading the Rantings for any time now, you understand how flawed this method of thinking is.  Migraines may be felt in the head, but they are really a problem with your entire body.  Something is wrong, and your body is screaming at you to fix it in the loudest way possible.

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