Amitriptyline Effective Prophylaxis for Headache in Childhood

There are two interesting things in this article. First, headaches in children are becoming prevalent enough to warrant research studies on eliminating them. We must ask ourselves why children are now more likely to suffer from headaches. The second issue is the long term introduction and use of pharmaceutical drugs in children. Our younger generation is being raised to believe that taken drugs for our “health” is okay. I’ve seen many children in my office with complaints of headache that resolve very quickly without the need for medications.

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Children, Gluten, Sleep Apnea and Headaches, Oh My!

gluten sensitivity in children
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Here’s the reality of human physiology; we will NEVER understand how complicated it is.   Gluten sensitivity’s effect on the brain falls under this category.

There’s no doubt that many of us has a grasp on small amounts of how the body works, but the big picture is just too big for any one of us to understand fully.  It’s kind of like–I can drive around here in Phoenix quite well and know where I’m at or at least how to get to where I need to go.  But drop my in Dubai without a map or GPS and I’m pretty much screwed (especially since my Arabic is a little rusty…).

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Are Migraine Headaches Dangerous?

Most people who suffer from true migraine headaches believe that they have a problem in their brain, and that’s why their head hurts.  This is the concept that mainstream medicine promotes, so, when the headache is controlled through medication, we’re all happy and view the problem as solved.

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5 Simple Migraine Headache Cures

“Cures” seems like a foreign word in medicine today, with the exception of cancer, where “cure” is the buzzword.  Do we ever talk about a diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or obesity cure in medicine?  So certainly a headache cure is not on the radar screen.  The best we usually hope for is control.

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Natural Headache Cures vs Medications for Migraines

 Headache sufferers can live their lives in frequent misery.  While there are many natural cures for headaches that can help in the long run, tools for immediate relief of headaches are a strong need.

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Better Your Lifestyle For Migraine Treatment

MIGRAINE TREATMENT HAS TO INCLUDE LIFESTYLE, NOT JUST PAIN MEDICATION.  I have said again and again that the treatments for a migraine have to be body-wide, that the problem is systemic but is manifesting as pain in the head.  That is why patients with migraines are at increased risk of things like heart disease and stroke; in this study over twice the risk. 

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Drug Treatment In Epilepsy And Migraines

BRAIN DAMAGE OCCURS DESPITE SUCCESSFUL DRUG TREATMENT IN EPILEPSY AND MIGRAINES.  One of my continuing frustrations in our treatment of seizures (this includes true migraines) is that we view the treatement as successful if the seizures or migraines have stopped. 

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Brain Damaged From Migraines or Seizures? Try These 6 Tips

In my experience, many migraine or seizure sufferers do not fully understand that, even when headaches or seizures are not occurring, there is brain damage occurring.  Luckily, there are many proven ways to help protect your brain from these dangerous conditions.

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To Treat Migraine Change Your Global Lifestyle

Migraine and coronary heart disease mortality: a prospective cohort study

The bottom line is that migraine is a systemic disorder, most likely a result of altered mitochondrial function and / or oxidative stress. These dysfunctions are not limited to the brain, but rather have an effect everywhere in the body, playing a role in most, if not all, chronic diseases.

So, if this is the case, then finding increases in other diseases like heart disease should be no big surprise. So, the ONLY best way to approach migraine treatment is to look at the entire patient and make global lifestyle changes to improve the way their neurons are functioning.

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