Migraine Headaches and Seizures Linked

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I have stated for years that the causes of chronic migraine headaches and epilepsy are the same. While not generally accepted, it is consistent with current research.

The finding of a genetic link between migraines and epilepsy have been all over the news since this article hit the mainstream media earlier this month.  I have had a standing Google alert for “migraines and epilepsy” for quite some time now.  Nothing was on the radar screen on the Internet until this study hit.

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Chronic Migraines Headaches and Seizures Linked Again

This is not the first time I’ve pointed out the links between migraines and seizures (as if my book, Migraines and Epilepsy wasn’t hint enough…) and it won’t be the last.

The reason I need to keep pointing it out is that mainstream medicine (neurologists included) don’t seem to see the association and consider them “comorbidities.”  Comorbidities mean that they are occurring simultaneously and not necessarily related.  Usually, comorbidities are medicated separately (because that’s how we “treat” everything in this country).  Take diabetes and high blood pressure.  Medicated separately.  Heart disease and colon cancer.  Separately.

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