Are Everyday Headaches Dangerous?

Are everyday headaches dangerous?
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I’ve been a strong opponent of the way we treat migraines in this healthcare system.  In general, we keep trying different medications until the doctor finds a medication that reduces or stops the headaches.  Then we all jump up and down and pat each other on the back and call the process a success.  If this is the approach your doctor has taken, then there ARE times when an everyday headache can be dangerous to your long term health.

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Those Stupid Lifestyle Changes Don’t Work Anyway…

For many, at first thought, the idea of adopting a healthier lifestyle seems almost painful and certainly not worth it.  Many have tried and did not see results in what they thought was a reasonable time frame.  Many think they have made healthy changes, but in reality their choices were the wrong ones.

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Chronic Migraine: Why Migraine Relief Has to Focus on This

I can’t imagine life fraught with chronic migraine. Society doesn’t support the idea of a “cure;” that’s because migraine relief doesn’t focus on what matters.

All too often, migraine headache pain control is the goal.  Or, even better, suppression of flare ups of headache with medications.  This is what mainstream medicine focuses on and considers your treatment successful if one or both of these goals are obtained.  Sure–they help to rule out the scary things like strokes, tumors and weird blood vessel formations, but these are very rarely the cause of headaches.

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