Amitriptyline Effective Prophylaxis for Headache in Childhood

There are two interesting things in this article. First, headaches in children are becoming prevalent enough to warrant research studies on eliminating them. We must ask ourselves why children are now more likely to suffer from headaches. The second issue is the long term introduction and use of pharmaceutical drugs in children. Our younger generation is being raised to believe that taken drugs for our “health” is okay. I’ve seen many children in my office with complaints of headache that resolve very quickly without the need for medications.

Headache 2000;40:539-549 Amitriptyline at 1 mg/kg per day reduces the frequency and severity of headaches in children, according to results of a prospective, open-label trial. Dr. Andrew D. Hershey and colleagues, from Children’s Hospital Medical Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio, recommend this prophylactic medication as one component of a comprehensive bio-behavioral approach to the treatment of childhood headaches. Dr. Hershey’s group concludes that amitriptyline is a well-tolerated medication that can be used on a relatively limited time basis as part of a comprehensive approach for treatment of migraine and tension headaches in children.

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