Can A Simple Amino Acid Stop Seizures?

I’ve always been very saddened by our approach to conditions like epilepsy and migraines in this country.  We feel that if the events are halted with medications (or, horrifyingly, by surgical removal or parts of the brain) then the treatment is a success.

However, all we have done is stop one sick brain cell from transmitting it’s message to the next.  The brain cell is still sick, and in many instances, is made sicker still by the meds. Instead, control of seizures is merely the first stage to healing the sickened brain cells.  While I do not advocate withdrawal of seizure medication (a VERY bad idea!!), the augmentation of seizure control has been shown with progesterone (allopregnonalone is the most potent anti-seizure compound o the planet) and some other natural compounds.

This study is the beginning of looking at the amino acid glutamine to increase GABA levels, which is one of the brain’s neurotransmitter “brakes.”

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