Closure of heart defect lowers migraine attacks

Closure of patent foramen ovale reduces the frequency of migraine attacks

I find this article very intriguing. A patent foramen ovale is a lack of closure of a flap between the left and right ventricles (we didn’t need the lungs in the womb so we just bypassed the lungs–it is supposed to close at birth). So, closing this flap surgically lowered the frequency of migraine attacks. 54 and 62% reduction in patients with and without aura, respectively. This is a tremendous reduction. Might this mean that other therapies designed to increase oxygen delivery and usage (i.e. CoQ10, carnitine, mediation) would have as dramatic effect as well? Neurology — Abstracts: Schwerzmann et al. 62 (8): 1399 –

Read entire article here

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