Do Not Ignore Headaches

Headache, cerebrovascular symptoms, and stroke

Headaches, regardless of the type or label, are an indication of something wrong.  Whether physiology is imbalanced, whether the body is toxic and the brain is revolting, whether the headache has a musculoskeletal cause.  There is nothing “normal” about a headache. 

Covering up the symptoms with medication without truly addressing the problem should be considered malpractice, but unfortunately it is the standard of care.

This article once again perfectly illustrates this concept.  The patient with migraine w/ aura is put on drugs to stop the migraine, and yet, in the background, the patient’s risk of stroke symptoms goes up 5 and a 1/2 times.  This is NOT good medicine.  It also further illustrates that migraines are a manifestation of a systemic problem and need to be addressed through lifestyle changes that will also lower their risk of strokes.

Read entire article here

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