Migraines and Stroke Risk


Other than the obvious brain tumor causing a headache (which is actually not common for some brain tumors like gliomas), the answer is YES.  First off, let’s clarify something.  Many, if not most, patients who come in telling me they have a migraine do not actually, have migraines.

Most are tension type headaches in disguise.  Which is good, because these are usually pretty easy to treat.  Migraines, however, are the brain’s way of screaming out that it’s not happy about the health of the body.  So medications that suppress migraines and don’t fix the body do NOTHING for the long term risks of heart disease and stroke that migraines are at risk for.  The ONLY correct approach to migraine treatment is to comprehensive address the patients lifestyle.  If you have migraines and your neurologist or PCP has not talked to you about lifestyle changes for your migraines, maybe it’s time to find a new one.

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